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  • Place your mouse pointer on the picture, right click it and select Save Picture As:

  • Remember, you are looking for FILENAMES, not detailed descriptions. Enter a one word term that might be found in the FILENAME of the image you are looking for.Do not use spaces or forward slashes "/". Keep the search term short, but more than three characters long. Remember filenames are are usually short, so try to use small general descriptions under 10 characters. NOTES:
    Best results occur if you try to follow this advice:
  • Use one-word descriptions
  • Use general descriptions
  • Use terms over 3 but under 10 characters long.
  • Try more than one search, using different but similar terms to the file each time.
  • You are looking for FILENAMES, not long detailed descriptions.
    You won't get anywhere using a two-word or longer description.
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